Catholic Church Sex Scandal in Puerto Rico: “There’s a Mafia within the Church”, says Ex-Seminarian Who Witnessed Sex Acts at the Arecibo Seminary

ARECIBO, PUERTO RICO – The truth about the Catholic Church is being exposed worldwide as this criminal organization continues to be the center of sex scandals. Last month, the head Vatican official in Dominican Republic, Josef Wesolowski, was just fired after being exposed for pimping boys in Santo Domingo, this week Priest Julio Cesar Grassi in Argentina was sentenced to 15 years in jail for sex abuse of children, while over in Peru a Catholic bishop Gabino Miranda was just destituted for being caught in sexual abuse of children. Now, the crimes of the Vatican in Puerto Rico are being exposed.

A man studying to be a priest says Nuncio Josef Wesolowski & Bishop Iñaki Mallona knew of the sex acts at the “Master Jesus” Seminary in Puerto Rico. Cathedral of Arecibo (pictured above)

Just this week, on September 26, an ex-seminarian reported having witnessed homosexual encounters within the Diocese of Arecibo and that high officials of the Catholic Church made sure it was covered up.

Daniel Collazo Rivera, who attended the now-closed “Master Jesus” Seminary in Puerto Rico from August 2007 to October 22, 2009, said he left the Catholic Church after reporting irregularities and after seeing that nothing was done with priests who lived a life contrary to the dogmas of the Catholic church.

“Within the Catholic Church there is a mafia. I, along with other seminarians, made a complaint  to the Vatican for several cases of homosexuality, pedophilia and theft, and after that I received death threats. And cars with tinted windows would sit outside my house to intimidate me, “said Collazo Rivera, whose allegations are documented in several affidavits and depositions.

The man reported that, at the Master Jesus Seminary, priests made several sexual advances to seminarians, while others had homosexual relationships established.

“The nuncio, Monsignor Josef Wesolowski, and Iñaki Mallona knew of these acts and they covered them up. When I left the seminary I met with Monsignor Iñaki, I commented on the reasons why I left my vocational training. What he did was thank me for being in the seminary and asked me to keep quiet,” he disclosed.